“The Self With Others” by John Briton

4swithin in colloboration with DUENDE School, Athens, conducted a 5 day workshop on “the self with Others”. This workshop was facilitated by performer and teacher, John Britton.

” We work through our bodies to see the structures of our habits and thoughts.

Changing our habits and thoughts, we transform our bodies.

The body and mind are a single, interdependent entity.

Blockages become visible, then dissolve. Impulses flow – inside us, between us.

Impulse. Reaction. Concentration. Change.

 It’s work that does not ask us to change, but to become more truly ourselves.”

                                                                         -John Briton, Artistic Director-DUENDE

‘Self-With-Others’ combines fixed and improvised structures to develop our capacity as physical performers and as contributors to an emerging ensemble. It explores core Principles which help us know ourselves better; break down the blockages that stand between us and our spontaneity. It involves laughter, revelation, struggle, self-doubt, realization, and moments of triumph. The work focuses on solo and duet work alongside small and whole-group improvisation. Ensemble Improvisation is about knowing when to act, when to dance, when to sing, when to do them all at the same time. Most importantly, it is about knowing when to do none of them, when to be silent and still, and to allow the performance to develop around you. It’s about being selfish in pursuing your performance material and being selfless in allowing others to develop theirs.

Duration: 20 Hours 

For Whom:  artistes /musicians/performers / dancers, who are keen to explore themselves and their performance.