The Disbelieve Workshop

4swithin in colloboration with SMART (Studio for Movement Arts & Therapies), Bangalore, conducted a 2 day workshop. This was facilitated by Brinda Jacob.

About Brinda Jacob-Janvrin

Brinda Jacob-Janvrin is an experienced contemporary dancer/choreographer and a creative movement therapist & qualified counselor.

The firm belief that body, mind and soul are interconnected led her to explore dance as a medium of authentic expression and as a tool to overcome limitations.

In 2001, she was awarded the Crowther Fellowship, and traveled to Birmingham, UK where she was trained in dance therapy with Terry Braithwaite of the Birmingham Centre for Art Therapies.

Brinda heads the Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies and has conceptualised and designed the FECAT (Foundation course in Expressive and Creative Arts Therapies) the only program of it’s kind in India.

About Disbelieve:

This workshop aimed at understanding the masculine and feminine powers within each one of us. Through a series of movement activities, this experiential workshop led participants to acknowledge their fears, challenge the beliefs that caused such fears and how a balance within was important to create a balance outside.