The Summer of 2014 resounded with sounds of Folk Music and Dance @ Padma Seshadri School, T Nagar. A group of 10  artistes  from the city were learning and interacting with the folk artists from Kattaikuttu Sangam.

These 10 days of hardwork culminated in a half an hour performance by the artistes from the city with the support of the folk artistes.

The artistes learnt to dance, sing and say the dialogues of the play “Veera Abhimanyu”

Duration: 10 days workshop (3 hours/day)

Methodology: folk art taught by folk  artists from  Kattaikuttu Sangam

Benefits : 

a. to be aware of a traditional folk art

b. to understand  the use of all form of arts (dance, song, dialogues) in story telling

c. to explore props and make up used in folk arts