What is Dive?

An experiential approach to learning Science, Math & Life itself, through different forms of Art.


Why Dive?

Education today is centered on Reading & Writing, while the concepts involved are experiential and dynamic in nature.

Children are exposed to a lot of information, without enough challenge to their ability to perceive and make valuable contribution with that information.

DIVE presents a multi-sensorial & experiential approach to learning through fine-art techniques, making way for deeper & more joyful learning experiences.

How Dive?

The 4S Approach

Search: to explore the subject beyond the classroom & create a thirst for learning beyond books.

Skills: The search leads to gaining fresh perspectives of the subject and developing application oriented skills.

Sense: Being in the ‘here and now’ with world around them.

Surge: To be equipped to innovate, create and transform perceptions.


Dive has been successfully implemented in the following schools/institutions.

1. Atlanta, State of Georgia

2. Venkateshwara School, Chennai

3. Advaith Foundation, Bangalore

Dive is being further explored and experienced in various other schools/institutions currently. Please contact us for any enquiry or further information on the same.


Further information:

pdf Dance n Drama in Value Education
pdf Dive Module Sample