Corporate Training /workshops

A deep connection exists between the mind and the body. Non verbal gestures, postures, behaviors, and expressions are manifestations of the experiences or beliefs that one has in the mind at the conscious and sub-conscious level. To move forward, to create a balance, it is important to understand where these experiences and beliefs came from. Understanding the seat of our emotions helps us to be aware of these emotions and manage our emotions leading to better intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships. Human race has begun to use more of its left brain than the right brain.  We are engaging in logically and theoretically understanding of the World around us and ignoring the world within us.

To create a balance, both these worlds have to develop, simultaneously. The purpose of 4swithin is to facilitate this experience in corporate environment.

Who is it for:The workshops are  specially customized  for corporates after analyzing their needs, measuring the skill gaps and identifying their areas of improvement that will enhance their contribution to their team and Organisation.
• Facilitate Self Awareness
• Build freedom to emote and express in a group and be a Team Player
• Improve Interpersonal Skills
• Build Leadership Qualities
• Exhibit Courtesies and Etiquette
• Instill confidence and self esteem to Make Presentations
• Break the limiting barriers of the mind and Be Assertive
• Acquire Emotional intelligence
• Create Work Life Balance
Manage Stress in personal and professional life

Methodology: Anagogical methods of engagement are used to explain concepts. Role plays and case studies ensure application of these concepts. Activities ensure that the Mind and body are well coordinated to enhance Verbal and Non-verbal skills.