Art/Therapy workshops

“Art Heals”. Creative art therapy believes that expressing oneself through art is very therapeutic. In stress and distress, a person needs medical, physical and emotional support. Any person in distress may exhibit behavior that may adversely affect him and his relationships. This therapy is a safe place for the person to explore and express their anxieties, worries and hopes that arise due to factors known or unknown to them. Collage, Colouring, Painting, Sculpting, Movement, Drama; are some of the activities that support each other in this process of self-discovery. The therapy can be extended to the person individually or a number of persons (max. 8) can be grouped together for a session. It is a very creative and rewarding experience wherein the individual engages in art forms to express oneself better and re build his relationship with himself and with the world.  It enables a person to look at his past, accept it and move forward.

Methodology: The therapist engages the individual / group in creative activities and then processes the experience of the individual/group while carrying out the activity. The activities are designed to address the needs of the individual/group. Each activity and process work takes about 60 minutes and is done once a week for each individual/group. The therapist then, listens and aids the individual/ group to explore answers to their emotional turmoil and build a coping strategy for themselves. The number of sessions for each individual or group will be decided after initial discussion with them and will depend on their need.

Benefits to adults : It has been observed that CAT helps individuals to:
• Recognise and Manage extreme emotions like anger, depression, anxiety etc.
• Listen and respond to Body signals
• Reduce burnout, stress and fear
• Bond with family members and accept challenges
• Explore one’s anxieties and acknowledge them
• Instills Hope in patients and their family members

Benefits to children:

When working with children it has been observed that creative arts therapy helps them to

  • Understand themselves better
  • Increase their range of movement
  • Build focus and concentration
  • Communicate  their emotions
  • Interact with confidence in the society
  • Engage in  creative skills
  • Recognise and Manage extreme emotions like anger, depression,anxiety etc.


Some of My Interventions:
• With Hyperactive& Autistic children
• With Dyslexic Children
• With Dispraxic Teenagers
• With Normal neurotic adults
• With cancer patients