Meet Hema


Hemalatha Swaminathan
Psychologist & Founder-4swithin And Doctoral Candidate @CIIS USA

MSc Psychology, FeCat, Dip.T&D, PGDHR, MDPM&IR, Doctoral Student @California Institute of Integral Studies, SFO

A Dual Masters’ Degree Holder in Organisational & Counselling Psychology, she has travelled extensively facilitating behavioural training programs in Organisational Behaviour & Psychology for esteemed corporate clients. She was nominated for “the ISTD-Vivekananda Award for excellence in Training and HRD” in the year 2008.

She founded 4swithin-a space for creative expressions, in 2008. This Organisation was established to provide holistic learning and counselling for mental wellness.

“Art heals, is my belief,” says Hemalatha Swaminathan on her journey as a Psychologist & Creative Art Therapist. Being from a dance and theatre background, she has always been passionate about art and its ability to connect to the deeper conscious. She enjoys working with children using this medium of connection. She is passionately engaged in designing a curriculum that focuses on Contemplative Studies in Pedagogy using contemplative practices of movement, art and theatre.

She is an Award-Winning Theatre Performer and Playwright performing in National and International Theatre Festivals. Her “Visual Poetry” has been published in the IEATA newsletter regularly.

She is the founder-trustee of CTPOSH (Chennai Theatre Prevention of Sexual Harassment), an organisation that aims to prevent sexual harassment in performing spaces and provide counselling to victims of sexual harassment.

She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Psychology at CIIS, USA and has been awarded the RINA SIRCAR SCHOLARSHIP (Jan 2022), for pursuing research in Asian rituals and mental wellness.